Ariel Lembeck is a dance artist and dance maker based in Brooklyn. Her work has been presented by WaxWorks at Triskelion Arts, STUFFED at JudsonChurch, SWELL 2 at the Jack Crystal Theater, MerdetheShow, and Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival at Ruth Page Center for the Arts. She received her BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2008 and has since worked with artists Meredith Monk, Stefanie Nelson, Ivy Baldwin, Douglas Dunn, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Eva Dean, Mari Meade Montoya, Steeledance and Elisabeth Motley. From 2011 to 2012, Ariel worked with choreographer Rami Be’er and the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Ga’aton, Israel and Anat Vaadia on Yasmeen Godder's work Storm End Come in Tel Aviv. In 2016, Ariel joined Jessica Gaynor Dance (JGD). Ariel's grounding artist practice is an ongoing improvisational movement series self-produced and shared on instagram under the hashtag, #mondaymoves, which explores the transcendence of the mundane into something beyond it’s simplicity and everydayness so that it becomes shiny detailed and significant. She was most recently commissioned by Beats Y Batería to produce their latest music video for their new ep release – “Alturas” – which was selected by as the top 5 best Latin alternative songs of 2019 (so far).

drawing by: Matteo Eckerle