Pool of Vibrations

(work in progress) 2019
I’m still growing my ideas about the work through process and research and writing. I’ve showed different iterations in different venues. I’m working to develop it further.
upcoming showing - Sept 22, 2019 at The Floor

How does the feeling of being exposed tell you about who you are and what you are? To what extent do we desire to be recognized by those who see us? This work explores the push and pull of self-reflection. Examining both the rawness and grotesqueness of personal inquiry, reveals what acceptance and obsession look like. Through the use of materials the work plays with physically and metaphorically indulging in both image and perception to reach a point of deeper awareness. If we allow others to see us in a place of vulnerability do we simultaneously allow them to witness us into our full potential? Illuminating the pelvis as a source of emotional and physical vulnerability in my own body and holding those viewing as the witness, a somatic score is explored -- using repetition, duration, and shape to exhaust the exposed state into a self-affirming one. After interrogating acceptance : worth : distortion : image : (un)knowing : the work asks us this -- when we separate from the inquiry of self what remains to define us?


Collaboration with Chicago-based music group, Beats Y Batería. Commissioned music video for their upcoming ep release in April 2019 . 
performed and edited by: Ariel Lembeck
videographer: Matteo Eckerle
music: Alturas - Beats y Batería
Grand Central Station- New York, NY


I love the distance between us. What's shiny to you is only seen to me in the details. Do they dissolve when you look closely at them?

created and performed by: Lea Fulton + Ariel Lembeck
music by: Greg King
venue: Never Before Never Again, Improv Festival
January 2018 - Triskelion Arts Brooklyn, NY


In this work I investigate the kinesthetic, environmental and psychological aspects of “doing work”. At the heart of my research is the “work triangle”, a design configuration that maximizes efficiency in a working environment. This piece, both in process and performance,  embodies a rigorous approach to completing tasks and redefining space in relation to “doing work”.  The improvisational scores within the piece create space for the unknown and in-turn celebrates the uncontrolled variables that arrive from making choices in real time, so the work moves forward in unexpected ways.

created and performed by: Ariel Lembeck
sound: Excerpt from Barb Purdy's Seminar - "Don't Be Forced Out ", Rondo Veneziano - " La Serenissima"
venues performed: STUFFED at Judson Church, NY, NY Swell 2 @ The Jack Crystal Theater NY, NY | Wax Works, Triskelion Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY |  Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, Ruth Page Center for the Performing Arts, Chicago, IL

photos by: Eric Bandiero and Andrew Wibner